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We made this page to invite everyone who is interested in wine and we want to share a different aspect to wine to all the people who are new to wine and we invite the wine experts to share some of they're favorite wines and the reason they love that particular wine .

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Hello My Name is Ricardo Olvera and I have lived in northern California for Aprox. 34 years and my Family and I worked in the wine industry for a few years for a grape growing co. in the med 80's as a teen age kid I watch my Mom's friend who we loved like an Uncle Victor Saucedo and he was in charge or a few properties for Vino Farms in Alexander Valley near Healdsburg, Windsor and Green valley in Sonoma Co. and we helped by picking the grapes during harvest season at all these properties and it was hard work in the sun, it was dusty and we worked long hours but I've learned the value of farming a great product, the grapes that we now us in great wines and in 2015 I made a full circle and started a career as a wine educator in Napa valley working for the Sattui Family at Castello Di Amorosa where I was trained by some of the best Sommerliers and wine Makers such as Brooks Painter and Peter Veleno who are the main wine innovators for all the great wines coming out of Castello Di Amorosa.

So i dedicated al my time to learn all wines at the Castello but I took and Aggressive approach by going a step farther and started tasting at all main local wineries in Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino counties to Analyze what all the wine regiong had to offer and what made them different, I became so intrigued that it become an obsession and I found my self tasting and enjoying it so much that I ended up buying one to 3 bottles every time I went wine tasting and I was able to relate to the customer even more because I was dealing with aprox. 3000 people per weekend at my new job and they all came to Napa from all over the world so I got to know what wines they all liked and how they wanted to be treated as consumers and as Individuals, I'll tell you it was lot's of fun but very challenging due to the number of visitors but I always tried my best to make them feel welcome and by the time they left they had become my new friends.

I call my self a wine lover and I feel blessed to have been giving the chance to be  part of such great Industry and everything that I've learned from it.




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